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Clear Aligner Cases

Case Study of Shenzhen Overlay

Deep Overbite

Deep Overlay, Front Up Excessive overlap between teeth and lower incisors The mouth is closed, sometimes it may be an aesthetic problem. It may also It indicates that there are other problems to be solved. TT transparent orthotic device can Repair deep overlay.

TT Aligner Medical Department

Open bite case study

When the upper and lower incisors lean outward and do not touch when the mouth is closed, opening and closing will occur. Treatment is often necessary because the patient cannot or Tear food with your front teeth or chew it incorrectly. TT transparent appliance can effectively treat mild anterior teeth Open and close with the posterior teeth, although this treatment is rarely used.

TT Aligner Medical Department
Open Bite

A Case Study of Transparent Orthodontics for Teeth Congestion

Crowded Teeth

Teeth crowding is a common problem for children and adults Its scope is far beyond aesthetic problems. If your teeth are not aligned correctly, you will find that you will be aesthetic. If your teeth are not aligned, you will find Premature wear, teeth falling off due to abnormal pressure, gums Disease and jaw joint injury. TT transparent appliance, It can help you correct crowding and have a beautiful and harmonious smile without anyone knowing that you are wearing braces.

TT Aligner Medical Department

Case Study of Interstitial Teeth

There is a gap between teeth, It is also a common problem for children and adults. TT transparent Orthodontics can treat missing teeth.

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Gap Teeth

Transparent appliance for anti occlusion case study


Main signs of reverse occlusion When your mouth is closed or still, your upper teeth are behind your lower teeth. It may cause complications and pain symptoms, but It can be corrected through the treatment of dentists and TT transparent appliances 。

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Transparent appliances for occlusal case studies

Mandible, also known as Class III Malocclusion or protrusion, characterized by lower teeth than anterior teeth It extends farther outwards. TT transparent appliance can repair some mandibles.

TT Aligner Medical Department
Under Bite
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After orthodontic treatment with TT transparent appliance, I got a A confident smile enhances my appearance and self-esteem. I laughed more than before.