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iFACESmile Digital Orthodontics

IFACESmile Digital Orthodontics

IFACESmile digital orthodontics is a complete Ortho digital solutions bridge traditional and Digital orthodontic workflow provides orthodontists with efficient Consistent and high-quality orthodontic services. More than 16 With years of experience in orthodontic industry, we focus on supporting The orthodontist designs a clear orthodontic treatment plan for convenience Chair side equipment and indirect bonding service.

IFAcesmile - Digital plan and customized orthodontic treatment
Why choose iFACESmile digital orthodontics?
Flexible ways of cooperation

Whether you are an orthodontist, dental clinic or dealer, Contact us to find a win-win business model and work together Because you want to develop a clear orthotic business. There are two models to choose from Now?

  • Chair side DIY package

  • IFACESmile Clear Aligner 数字解决方案

Flexible Ways of Working Together
Open orthodontic analysis and treatment planning services

Choosing an open system is one of the best ways to ensure security Get the most accurate treatment plan you want. With iFACESmile You can choose the way you like to complete the treatment plan: IFACESmile handles tooth model segmentation for you and is set by you Your final (target) position and exercise treatment plan Use DragonOrtho.

Open Orthodontic Analysis and Treatment Planning Services
Support continuing education courses

From the course of digital software operation skills and tips, Refine your skills and introduce advanced workflow and expertise Orthodontic design, iFACE Smile continuing education course wants Bring cutting-edge and systematic solutions to you. this The design of continuing education courses takes your growth into consideration. it Our goal is to ensure that you take full advantage of iFACESmile Digital Edition Keeper solution.

Supporting Continued Educational Courses
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