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ProMIM Case study


The correct diagnosis will guide you to make a reasonable treatment plan. As a ProMIM passive self-locking bracket, the super efficient device allows you to achieve the best therapeutic effect. That's why I chose ProMIM for my patients.

Dr. Jina Lee

ActMIM Achieves Success in Adult Patients

I think this case is successful because we can achieve the aesthetic and functional goals in the shortest treatment time. The bracket is particularly effective in solving the problems of adult patients, including shorter treatment time, fewer clinical appointments, successful and stable treatment results, because it positions the root of the tooth at the desired position.

Dr. Joana Baden

Mini-Arch Ophro Success in young patients

Mini-Arch Ophro

I like what therapy does for my daughter's confidence. She is like a new person. Thank you for your Mini Arch Ophro!

Katrina Camus's mother
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